The images from Texas and the Gulf Coast are heart wrenching. As the flooding continues, our fellow employees are among the tens of thousands impacted.  The need is immense.

Seven years ago during Nashville’s historic flood, we established the Genesco Employee Emergency Fund to support colleagues in their darkest hours. Since then the Fund has been an incredible resource, assisting hundreds of employees. The Fund, administered by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, grants up to $2,500 to help employees who are unable to afford housing, medical expenses not eligible for reimbursement by insurance, utilities, food, clothing and other basic living expenses due to economic hardships related to natural disasters, life threatening or serious illness or injury, catastrophic or extreme circumstances, or death of the employee or eligible dependent.

During this time of need, Genesco has made a donation to The Genesco Emergency Fund to help our employees in the Gulf Coast region.  I have personally made a gift to the Emergency Fund and encourage you, if you’re planning to donate to hurricane relief efforts, to consider doing the same, to help our colleagues as they rebuild.

In addition, we are extending our matching gifts program to include an additional one-time gift to an accredited 501c3 hurricane relief organization during this fiscal year. If you wish to donate and request a matching gift, please fill out the form here and provide it to the agency.  If you are giving online, please submit your receipt to Corporate Relations with a completed matching gift card. The following page has additional information on hurricane relief efforts, all of which are eligible for matching gifts.

I am proud to be part of a company with employees who care about their colleagues and communities the way Genesco employees do.  Thank you for all you do.  To all our employees dealing with Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath, our thoughts have been and continue to be with you.


Bob Dennis


Additional hurricane relief resources, including matching gift opportunities:

  • Genesco Employee Emergency Fund , which benefits Genesco employees directly.
  • The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund administered by the Greater Houston Community Foundation.
  • The United Way of Greater Houston flood relief fund will be used to help with immediate needs as well as long-term services like minor home repair. Visit their website to donate or text UWFLOOD to 41444
  • The Salvation Army: To donate, please click here.
  • The American Red Cross: To donate, please click here.
  • Apple: The multimedia giant has set up a donation link directly on iTunes and App Store. Visit the Apple website for more information. Donations will go directly to the American Red Cross.
  • Any accredited 501c3 non-profit organization supporting hurricane relief efforts.